REMEDY Expandable Steel Packers Successfully Used In Combination With Cement In Water Shut Off Application.


An operator in Oklahoma was experiencing a high water cut in an oil and gas well. This resulted in a significant reduction in oil and gas production rates and an increase in operational expenses.

The use of conventional remediation techniques could reduce operational efficiencies or compromise annular isolation. Conventional remediation methods would significantly sacrifice ID or compromise the ability to reach TD in the lateral. Additionally, the inherent uncertainties associated with “Squeeze Jobs” made cement remediation a risky option.

With viable reserves still in the toe of the well, the operator faced losing the remainder of production if this water-producing heel could not be isolated.


MorphPackers provided a slim OD large ID isolation system to facilitate deployment and guarantee long-term annular isolation.

The operator hired MorphPackers to run its REMEDY Isolation system to straddle and isolate over 4,000 ft. (1,219 m) of leaking casing. The REMEDY Isolation System consisted of two expandable steel packers used for isolation and a slimhole production anchor that allowed the new completion to be installed as a liner. This system provided a cost-effective method for isolating long laterals without sacrificing hole size or deployment efficiencies.


The REMEDY Isolation system was deployed successfully and executed flawlessly. Deployment proceeded as planned without requiring rotation or reciprocation to reach TD. The production Anchor and REMEDY packers were successfully activated within nominal parameters.

The large bore ID through the heel section of the well will allow future workovers or interventions to occur without pulling the upper completion.

The REMEDY Isolation system provided a reliable and cost-effective method to isolate the water-producing heel. After two weeks of flow-back, the operator reported significant improvements in the production rates of oil and gas. As a result, the REMEDY Isolation system has been standardized by this operator for future water isolation applications.

More Information

  • REMEDY: Applications

    • Remedial Isolation of water, perforations, leaking connections
    • Run in cased hole / energized with production tubing (or work string)
    • Permanent straddle-patching
    • Re-stimulation of multi-stage wells
  • REMEDY: Benefits

    • Large ID allows for increased pumping & production rates
    • Minimal loss of ID matching standard production tubing
    • Enables future refrac using std plug & perf technology
    • Inert metallic sleeve options impervious to wellbore fluids
    • Cost effective alternative to expensive expandable liners
  • REMEDY: Features

    • Super Slim OD and Big Bore ID design matching conventional tubing
    • Instant on-demand active metal seal
    • Simple deployment using conventional equipment
    • Simple, robust and reliable design with no moving parts and no leak paths
    • Differential pressure ratings up to 6,000psi