STORM™ Packers used in remedial Plug-and-Perf operation in the Bakken


Morphpackers STORM expandable steel packers were recently used in a Bakken well to seal a leaking liner and successfully complete a 44 stage Plug-and-Perf frac job.


The well was a dual lateral well, with the bottom lateral using a hybrid completion with open-hole packers and sleeves installed from the toe at 21,490’ to 13,813’. After the 34 sleeve-stages, the remainder was to be completed using Plug-and-Perf operations. The well screened out and the operator had to drill out all the sleeves and sand to re-initiate the frac.

After the clean out, leaks were detected in the 4 ½” liner while running a gauge ring prior to initiating Plug-and-Perf operations. Due to stick-slip issues experienced during the CT drill-out, the operator became concerned that multiple sleeves may have been inadvertently shifted. Well integrity beyond the identified hole could not be verified because a packer/plug assembly did not function reliably in the horizontal. A tractor/caliper log was also deployed but could not get past the liner hanger.

Cementing a new liner was not a good option as it posed a risk to the upper lateral. To guarantee liner integrity, a new 3-1/2” liner was installed fitted with 4-1/2” X 3-1/2” STORM packers directly across from the open hole packers, isolating any additional potential leak points.


The STORM packers were successfully deployed and actuated. The system allowed the operator to ignore indecipherable problems, avoid excessive and risky diagnostic procedures, and simply move forward with the operation. Production rates were commensurate with other wells in the area and the client considered the operation successfully met expectations.

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