Re-Completion Technologies

Expandable steel packer technology that provides the lowest price to performance ratio for refrac & remedial completion solutions

    • Super Slim / Big bore ID design
    • Increase production
    • Extend life of field
    • Simple design, max one moving part
    • Reduce well construction costs
    • Lower operating risk
    • Enhance well integrity

MorphPackers patented high expansion steel packer design provides an alternative to conventional refrac solutions with a focus on maximizing field recovery in a cost effective manner.


  • With a high expansion ratio, Big Bore ID and Slim OD design, our expandable steel packers morph perfectly to the casing providing a life of well solution proven to support increased production, with minimal loss of ID.

  • Metal sealing technology up to 10,000 psi providing the flexibility to instantly isolate and refrac well stages.

  • Minimal moving parts, an on-demand pressure setting mechanism and our short length designs ensures a streamlined completion workflow and mitigates the risk of lost time while maintaining well integrity.

  • Plug and Play technology compatible with standard 3rd party products offers low operating risk.