06 May 2019

Midcon Region Continues to Offer Opportunities for MorphPackers

Since the mid-1920’s the Mid-continent (MidCon) region has been the center of some of the largest and most active operators in the US.

It is home to hundreds of oilfields, including some of the first developed unconventional reservoirs and is a key focus area for MorphPackers and our refracturing technologies.

As part of our focused expansion plan, we have put in place a distribution agreement with US-based Nine Energy Service, with Nine acting as the exclusive provider of our completion product line for the refracturing market in the US and Canada.

The MidCon area saw the beginnings of the unconventional resource boom of the 2000’s. It has many resources that are prime for refracturing, having originally been developed with the very first type of unconventional fracturing methods.

MorphPackers’ DJ Snyder, who has 14 years’ experience working in drilling, completions and production in the US explains why our technology is so suited to the region.

He said: “MorphPackers has a range of refracturing technologies that can be applied in a variety of reservoir conditions.

“Older horizontal wellbores with large cluster spacing that require a completely new lateral liner can be refractured economically with a MorphPackers’ Anchor System, while completely depleted and naturally-fractured reservoirs that will not allow for cement are ideally suited to our Storm Packer System.

“Whether it’s a naturally fractured reservoir needing expandable packers or a monobore well needing a production hanger system, we have a simple and cost-effective solution.”

Based in the MidCon area, DJ has a BSc in Petroleum Engineering from Montana Tech. He has authored over 30 technical papers, which have been published in the Journal of Petroleum Technology, World Oil, and American Oil and Gas Reporter. He currently serves on the board of directors with SPE in Oklahoma City.

He concluded: “US unconventionals are unique as they’ve experienced a quick adoption and wide use throughout the world. The first horizontals were, by today’s standard, understimulated which leaves a fantastic opportunity to come back and refracture.

“At MorphPackers we have set our focus solely on understanding the refracturing market and the operations needed to be successful.

“Specialising in refracturing, we offer the lowest price to performance ratio for refracturing solutions, by optimising production, enhancing life of field and reducing well reconstruction costs.”

MorphPackers is a leading provider of revolutionary and highly innovative expandable packers for the oil and gas industry, and is building its business around four core values: teamwork; respect; integrity; and innovation.