29 January 2018

STORM™ refrac isolation packers and MorphAnchor™ piloted by major operator in the Permian Basin.

MorphPackers Limited (“MorphPackers”) announced today the trial deployment of 23 x 5 ½” STORM™ refrac isolation packers and the 5 ½” MorphAnchor™ within a production-insert string for a major US Operator.

Due to suboptimal production the well was targeted for refrac. Mechanical refrac was selected over chemical diversion. The trial well aims to pilot-test the technology and optimize the solution for future deployments in the region.

The patented completion system utilizes expandable steel packers specializing in isolation and includes refrac packers and production anchors to maximize production within existing wells. STORM™ mechanical refrac packers offer a full bore ID matching customer 4 ½”, 4” & 3 ½” tubing at an affordable price allowing operators to pump a conventional frac. Instantly isolate old stages and create new ones, thus extending the life of a well. With no moving parts STORM™ refrac packers are easy to deploy at a fraction of the cost of expandable liners, patches and conventional straddle systems. The STORM™ refrac technique is superior to chemical diversion as mechanical isolation allows for each stage to be uniquely fracked with confidence, toe to heel. STORM™ refrac packers are compatible with standard plug & perf equipment