10 February 2018

MorphPackers Attending the SPE C&O SG Meeting in Midland TX 'A Panel Discussion on Frac Hits'

MorphPackers will be attending and co-sponsoring the SPE ICoTA C&O SG Meeting in Midland, Texas on the 8th February 2018. The Completions & Operations Study Group is hosting a panel discussion on Frac Hits, with panel guests including: George King, Distinguished Engineering Advisor - Apache; Jason Baihly, Commercial and Risk Assessment Manager - Schlumberger; Dick Leonard, Director of Global Technology Team - Pro Technics (Division of Core Lab); Lance Robertson, Chief Operating Officer, Senior Vice President of Development - Endeavor Energy Resources

STORM™ mechanical refrac packers offer a full bore ID matching customer 4 ½”, 4” & 3 ½” tubing at an affordable price allowing operators to pump a conventional frac. Instantly isolate old stages and create new ones, thus extending the life of a well. With no moving parts STORM™ refrac packers are easy to deploy at a fraction of the cost of expandable liners, patches and conventional straddle systems. The STORM™ refrac technique is superior to chemical diversion as mechanical isolation allows for each stage to be uniquely fracked with confidence, toe to heel. STORM™ refrac packers are compatible with standard plug & perf equipment

Toby Bryce commented “As a specialist supplier of completions equipment in the refrac market, we are delighted to be both sponsoring and attending the SPE session.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss our innovative STORM™ mechanical refrac packer and meet with attendees during the session.”