18 January 2017

MorphPackers Attending SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference

MorphPackers will be attending the 2017 SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference and Exhibition in Woodlands, Texas from the 24th – 26th January 2017. The Conference will showcase existing and new hydraulic fracturing technologies, using experience from fracture-stimulated wells and application of global learnings. MorphPackers has provided sponsorship for the robust technical program of training courses arranged by the SPE.

As a specialist in the field, MorphPackers has conducted an audit of the Re-fracturing – Candidate Selection & Design training course for the SPE that will be presented on the 23rd of January 2017 and representatives of MorphPackers will be in attendance at the course.

Toby Bryce commented “We believe that a major factor in the success of re-fracturing programmes is selecting the most effective well candidates in order to fully capitalize on field recovery and as such we were delighted to contribute to the training programme as a technical authority and provide sponsorship for the event.”

We will be on hand to introduce you to our highly innovative portfolio of expandable steel packers, including the STORM™ re-frac packer. The STORM™ re-frac packer provides a cost-effective solution to re-stimulate existing wells while maintaining maximum ID and enhancing field recovery.

We welcome the opportunity to meet with those attending the conference to discuss our range of expandable steel packers and their applications and ask you to contact info@morphpackers.com to arrange a meeting.

  • STORM: Applications

    • Run in cased hole/ energized with production tubing (or work string)
    • Re-stimulation of multi-stage wells
    • Isolation of old perforations
    • Remedial straddle-patching
  • STORM: Benefits

    • Large ID allows for increased pumping rates
    • Full re-stimulation control
    • Minimal loss of ID matching standard liners
    • Inert metallic sleeve impervious to wellbore fluids
    • Flexible configuration / uses standard plug & guns and ball drop sleeve systems
    • Cost effective alternative to expensive expandable liners and unreliable chemical diverter solutions
  • STORM: Features

    • Super Slim OD and Big Bore ID design matching conventional pipe
    • Instant on-demand active metal seal
    • Simple deployment using conventional equipment
    • Simple, robust and reliable design with no moving parts and no leak paths
    • Differential pressure ratings up to 10,000psi