02 February 2021

Morphpackers Expands U.S. Refracturing Operations With New Distributor Agreement

The Woodlands, TX: Morphpackers, a leading provider of revolutionary and highly innovative expandable steel packers for the oil and gas industry, announced a distributor agreement with Seale Oil Tools. Seale Oil Tools is headquartered in Montgomery, Texas, and specializes in products for all phases of drilling, completion, and production.

Regarding this new partner agreement, Morphpackers CEO Alfredo Sanchez said, “Seale Oil Tools is a respected business with a high-level of integrity that is evident in both their people and the work they deliver for their clients. We strive to partner with organizations that show clear alignment with our core values.”

Veteran petroleum engineers and industry sales execs make-up the Seale Oil Tools leadership team of 8, boasting a combined 235 years of experience. “Rocky Seale and his team are well-known and respected, a veritable who’s who of oil and gas,” says Shannon Martin, Senior Design Engineer for Morphpackers.

Seale’s engineers and sales staff have direct visibility into current operations and production challenges happening in the field, including re-stimulation challenges across North America.

Seale strives to have a presence in each basin and engineering center including Denver, Pittsburgh, Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Midland, and Oklahoma City. “Having both sales and field experts available opens the communications channels and offers a better opportunity to meet client needs and demands,” said Seale. “Morphpackers’s technology fits very well with our portfolio. This partnership adds another tool to our belt so we can better serve our clients.”

Refracturing tools continue to improve recovery rates from existing wells and also contribute to more sustainable operations, offering a cost-affordable solution to drilling. Morphpackers is currently developing the next generation of the Cementable Morphanchor and the Storm Refrac Packer, with new generations of each launching soon.

Members of Seale Oil Tools will attend a comprehensive training program that showcases all aspects of Morphpackers’s technology, including manufacturing, assembly and applications, and determining fitness for purpose. Field installations will be a key part of training as well.

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Morphpackers is a leading provider of revolutionary and highly innovative expandable steel packers for the global oil and gas sector. Morphpackers specializes in refrac packers and production packers that fill the current gap between value and performance. Morphpackers expandable steel packer solutions offer the lowest price to performance ratio for refrac solutions by optimizing production, enhancing life of field, and reducing well construction costs. www.morphpackers.com