04 March 2021

Morphpackers Inks Deal With Top Oil And Gas Products Company Scepter Supply

The Woodlands, TX: Morphpackers, a leading provider of revolutionary and highly innovative expandable steel packers for the oil and gas industry, announced a distributor agreement with Scepter Supply. Scepter Supply, an oil and gas products company with a focus on customer service, is headquartered in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Alfredo Sanchez, Morphpackers CEO, first crossed paths with Chet Halvorson, President of Scepter Supply in 2010 when Sanchez was working for Top-Co, and Scepter Supply became a distributor for their products. Since then, Halvorson’s company has carved out its position in the industry, concentrating in drilling and construction and offering a full range of cementing and centralization equipment. As Scepter Supply expands into completions, this partnership with Morphpackers opens the door to the cutting-edge technology their customers need.

“The refracturing space is somewhere we haven’t been before. We know Morphpackers, and we trust their integrity,” said Halvorson. “We want to offer the top-notch products and technologies that our customers need, and Morphpackers has that.”

Scepter Supply has a presence in all of the major U.S. basins stretching from North Dakota to Utah, as well as Texas, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. As Morphpackers focuses their growth on the Rockies and the Northeast, they’re excited to utilize Scepter Supply’s expansive footprint for new opportunities to introduce their technologies.

According to Sanchez, “In addition to refracturing opportunities, in the Marcellus and Utica Shale Plays of the Northeast, there are water shut-off applications that are ideal candidates for Morphpackers’ technology. As the economics of wells becomes more challenging and water control becomes more important, our Remedy Packers are the perfect solution, offering an easy, low-cost, effective way of isolating and shutting-off water zones to optimize the production of hydrocarbons.” The company has run similar applications in Oklahoma and look to replicate this success in the Northeast with their new partner providing field services.

As Morphpackers continues its U.S. expansion, it has also increased its focus on ESG and recognizes most industry operators are beginning to place more importance on sustainability, too. Refracturing allows for significant reductions in emissions, not only by having to drill fewer wells, but eventually having to abandon fewer wells, which ultimately reduces emissions in post-abandonment.

As oil and gas operators are driven to see ROI within a year in most cases, utilizing Morphpackers’ technology can help meet that demand. “Morphpackers’ technology changes well economics in a fundamental way. Through refracturing, operators can bring production of an existing well back to 70% of its original production for only 40% of the original cost,” said Sanchez. Compared to similar products in the industry, Morphpackers’ Storm Packer offers the fastest and highest return on capital expenditures in the first year, including new drills.

Scepter Supply’s team will participate in a comprehensive training program to learn about Morphpackers’ technology, including manufacturing, assembly, and applications. They will also observe field installations to see the products in action.

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Morphpackers is a leading provider of revolutionary and highly innovative expandable steel packers for the global oil and gas sector. Morphpackers specializes in refrac packers and production packers that fill the current gap between value and performance. Morphpackers expandable steel packer solutions offer the lowest price to performance ratio for refrac solutions by optimizing production, enhancing life of field, and reducing well construction costs. www.morphpackers.com