20 October 2016

​​MorphPackers STORMING the Refrac Market

As the oil and gas industry looks to the future of unconventional developments, in a period of sustained low oil prices, the focus is undoubtedly shifting to look at refracturing opportunities where significant potential exists to enhance recovery and optimise field economics from the existing well base.

A number of operators are successfully returning to their inventory of wells that suffered low initial production or sharp production declines, due to ineffective completions, and with new completion technologies have been able to accelerate the rate of production; providing a boost to cash flows.

MorphPackers’ STORM™ re-frac packer is at the heart of redefining the approach to re-stimulation of existing wells. The STORM™ re-frac packer, based on proven expandable steel packer technology, provides a cost effective solution to instantly isolate and re-fracture stages enhancing field recovery and maximising the economic return to the operator.

As a relatively new development, early refracturing campaigns have not been without their challenges. During our recent trip to the DUG Eagle Ford Unconventionals Conference we met with a number of operators in the area and discussed the challenges they have experienced to date. A number of consistent themes emerged such as the importance of candidate well selection and operating diameter challenges associated with restricted wellbores from initial completions.

The STORM™ re-frac packer’s slim OD and big bore ID design offers the largest ID of all packers on the market allowing operators to use conventional frac methods without the packer being a limiting factor therefore addressing wellbore restrictions from initial completions. This differentiated design has attracted significant interest from operators with STORM providing the flexibility to isolate & refrac well stages while optimising the operator’s chosen refrac design.

With a large inventory of wells that could benefit from re-stimualtion the prize is large for US shale operators. The prolific Eagle Ford Shale basin, considered to have the most attractive candidates for large refracturing programmes, alone has over 1,800 wells considered to have good to very high refracturing potential. MorphPackers believes the key to success of refracturing programmes is selecting the most effective well candidates in order to fully capitalise on the reserves base in play and achieve the best economic return. We work alongside our clients to ensure the best possible refracturing well candidates are selected to maximise the economic return on the campaign using our innovative STORM™ re-frac solution.

Toby Bryce commented “As oil and gas production drops from previously stimulated wells so does cash flow. The STORM™ Re-frac Packer challenges this notion and offers a cost-effective way to re-stimulate existing wells significantly enhancing economic performance. We believe as market conditions improve producers will remain focused on costs and the returns provided from refracturing campaigns and will continue to consider these as a viable economic alternative to drilling new wells. As the most affordable and reliable mechanical re-frac system on the market we believe that STORM™ offers the best price to performance to our customers.”

  • STORM: Applications

    • Run in cased hole/ energized with production tubing (or work string)
    • Re-stimulation of multi-stage wells
    • Isolation of old perforations
    • Remedial straddle-patching
  • STORM: Benefits

    • Large ID allows for increased pumping rates
    • Full re-stimulation control
    • Minimal loss of ID matching standard liners
    • Inert metallic sleeve impervious to wellbore fluids
    • Flexible configuration / uses standard plug & guns and ball drop sleeve systems
    • Cost effective alternative to expensive expandable liners and unreliable chemical diverter solutions
  • STORM: Features

    • Super Slim OD and Big Bore ID design matching conventional pipe
    • Instant on-demand active metal seal
    • Simple deployment using conventional equipment
    • Simple, robust and reliable design with no moving parts and no leak paths
    • Differential pressure ratings up to 10,000psi