13 March 2019

SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference And Exhibition Hailed A Huge Success

Thousands of E&P professionals gathered at this year’s SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference And Exhibition to hear about new developments in technology and industry practices.

2019 SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference and Exhibition

More than 100 companies exhibited at the event, which took place at the Woodlands Waterway Marriot Hotel and Convention Centre in Woodlands, Texas at the start of February.

Some 50 technical papers were presented and delegates were offered a range of training courses and networking opportunities.

MorphPackers’ Malcolm Pitman was present over the course of all three days and hailed the event a huge success.

Malcolm, who has more than 37 years’ experience onshore and offshore in the international oil and gas industry, specifically in completions, drilling and well intervention services, said: “Both the exhibition and the conference provided fantastic platforms for fellow professionals to come together and discuss existing and new technologies within the hydraulic fracturing market. With 120,000 members the SPE continues support and allow the industry to showcase technology.

“The US is a huge focus for MorphPackers as the volume of under-stimulated generation one and two wells offers prime opportunities for modern re-fracturing techniques to increase productivity.

“The productivity increases not only the ROI for the individual well, but also the value of acerage for the operator. This is particularly true for operators who are running out of acerage and wish to maximise the ROI with their existing positions.

“Refrac wells in the Eagle Ford basin are generating a 100% of the return for 60% of the cost of a new well, while the Permian basin is increasing post-refrac product volumes by 100% by using more fluid, proppant and tighter cluster spacing.

“The evolution of modern frac design has led to the realisation that many wells were under-stimulated.

MorphPackers has developed a technology which is complementary to the refrac process, allowing for a large diameter refrac with mechanical isolation.

“Using our technology specifically allows us to do that in a way that is cost-effective and time-efficient, while giving us significantly more control over the whole process.

“The SPE HFTC is the premier conference for the US unconventional industry and allow operators and technology providers such as MorphPackers to engage in the market with an informed client base.”

Technical highlights at the event included the latest developments in fracture applications, fracture surveillance and interpretation, and economic optimisation in fracturing. The regulatory impact and environmental footprint of fracturing operations were also key topics for discussion.

Malcolm, who serves on the SPE drilling and completion advisory committee continued: “Our industry is constantly changing and evolving, and these new technologies allow us to develop existing reserves which were once un-economical.

MorphPackers is a leading provider of revolutionary and highly innovative expandable steel refrac packers for the oil and gas industry, and is building its business around four core values: teamwork; integrity; respect; and innovation.