Production Packer

The CENTURION™ is a complete rethink of how production packers are typically designed. A conventional packer has over 20 components, multiple internal seals, internal threads, several moving parts, complex multi-component elements and shear screws, all of which have to work together perfectly to achieve a seal.

With only one moving part, CENTURION™ is a HPHT packer that is significantly more reliable and affordable than any other packer on the market. Available with pressure ratings up to 10,000psi, CENTURION™ offers a Slim high clearance OD design and a Big Bore ID matching the pipe providing a seal between the completion tubing and the casing/liner using a work string conveyed running tool.

  • Applications

    • Run in cased hole
    • Permanent packer completions
    • Completions with multiple pressure reversals
    • Completions with large tailpipe weight
    • Extended reach completions
  • Benefits

    • No leak path
    • Exceptional strength
    • Reduced risk of presetting
    • Easy to deploy
    • Reduced inventory requirements
  • Features

    • Largest performance envelope in its class
    • ‘Big Bore’ ID design matching liner or tubing ID
    • Simple, robust and reliable design with only one moving part
    • Short length
    • Easily millable
    • Temperature rating over 175°C / 350°F
    • Metal sealing technology up to 10,000psi
    • Zero extrusion gap
    • High tail pipe weight