Who we are

Delivering differentiated innovative expandable packer technology for the refrac market


Dating back to 1984, MorphPackers technology leverages more than 30 years of intellectual property, knowledge and a successful track record from its origins in META Downhole Limited (previously a READ Well Services AS group company), prior to being spun out to form MorphPackers Limited in 2016.

MorphPackers’ expandable technology was first successfully tested in 2008 and has seen significant advancement in the product suite and its range of applications in recent years alongside a number of blue chip development partners. Today, our suite of expandable packers are protected by over 20 patents covering the unique methods of sealing & anchoring. We remain committed to investing in R&D as we continue to evolve our technology portfolio to meet new well applications.

Our Technology Story

Who we are

MorphPackers is a leading provider of revolutionary and highly innovative expandable steel packers specializing in refrac packers and production packers for the global oil and gas sector. MorphPackers’ expandable steel packer solutions offer the lowest price to performance ratio for refrac solutions by optimizing production, enhancing life of field and reducing well construction costs.

What we do

MorphPackers’ STORM™ refrac packer is at the heart of redefining the approach to re-stimulation of existing wells. The STORM™ refrac packer provides a cost effective solution, that eliminates the uncertainty of chemical diverters, to re-stimulate existing wells while maintaining maximum ID and enhancing field recovery.

CENTURION™ represents a complete rethink of production packer technology offering exceptional strength and superior sealing capabilities. With only one moving part, CENTURION™ is significantly more reliable and affordable than any other packer delivering the largest performance envelope in its class.

Our Clients & Sponsors

MorphPackers are proud to work with a diverse client base including majors, multinational oil companies, independent operators, national oil companies and service companies. Our innovative expandable steel packers have attracted significant operator interest and R&D sponsorship.

Our People

  • Alfredo Sanchez

  • Cameron Radtke

    Technology & Manufacturing
  • Malcolm Pitman

    Business Development & USA Operations
  • Jo Bonner

    Financial Controller
  • Chris Cockrill

    Design Engineer
  • Philip Turrell

    Design Engineer
  • Reece Roberts

    USA Business Development, Permian
  • DJ Snyder

    USA Business Development, Mid-Continent
  • Steve Nicol